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Chris Bathgate - Dizzy Seas

Release Info:
Catalog Number: QSR-063
Release Date: May 19th, 2017
Package Format: CD/LP/Digital
Release Type: Full Length
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  Track List:
1.  Water
2.  O(h)m
2.  Come to the Sea
4.  Beg
5.  Hide
6.  Northern Country Trail
7.  Dizzy Seas
8.  Low Hey (feat. Tunde Olaniran)
9.  Tintype Crisis
10.  Nicosia

Release Bio:
In a rush, a blur, with ambient vapors swirling round it setting the stage, Chris Bathgate’s Dizzy Seas has arrived, the product of years of exploration, travel, searching, daydreaming. Dizzy Seas is Bathgate’s fourth full-length album; a brilliant collection of recordings that collage together to make a whole, not in a seamless way, but almost like a photo album that has been edited to force you, the listener, to put yourself into the story, to add to that narrative. The music itself is borne of daydreams, and invites you to join in, with the album having left a door unlocked for you to enter by Bathgate’s inimitable skill in, as NPR puts it, “the art of distilling alienation into bruised-sounding beauty.”

Special edition patch set available exclusively from local records shops with purchase of vinyl, while supplies last. Translucent "smoked" vinyl limited to 1000 units.